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We have everything you need for your team.  From uniforms and equipment, to fanwear for family and friends to show their support for your team. Invite us to your practice for uniform fittings.  Call, email, stop by our store, or use the convenient CONTACT US portion on the bottom of this page to set up a time and place to meet your MVP Sports Specialist.

Custom Uniforms

Design a custom uniform for your team. Pick the style, color, pattern, mascot, so many choices.  Contact us and we will help you design a unique Baseball Uniform that makes you stand out in a crowd.


Stock Uniform styles

Choose a stock uniform style in your team colors.  We can add you team mascot, team name, or logo.  If you don't have a team design, we can help you create one.  Our creative artists go the extra step to make sure you're as proud of your uniforms as you are your team.  Let us help you take stock "up a notch"


Baseball Pants and Belts

We have all the brands to get you exactly what you need.  Let us get your pants in the style you want that work well with your uniform shirts.  


Baseball Hats/Caps

Whether you're looking for a flat bill, sport, mesh, or a custom hat, we can get the style, color, and decorate it with your design. 


Bats, Baseball Bag, Batting Helmets, Baseballs

We even have the ability to cover all of your equipment needs.  Not just uniforms, we can get anything from baseballs to scoreboards.  Whatever you're looking for, we can get it.  Let us know what you need and we will make sure you get it.  



Make sure your team is complete with your fans wearing your team logo and colors.  We can outfit everyone in the stands from the smallest to the largest.  Choose from thousands of styles to come up with a look that your fans will be happy to wear.  Nothing shows support like having the stands full of your fans wearing your team's name.